1948: Dawn of Future

2013-02-09 13:24:19 by No1r

Wanted to show you the latest release by Frozen Pepper, a dogfighting game for iOS. My role in the development was music composer and sound designer.
Check out the trailer! :)

Rc Plane 2

2011-07-02 01:39:01 by No1r

Introducing the new game released by Frozen Pepper, for Ipad and Iphone. Music written by me :)
Have a look!

Hello everyone!
I'm proud to announce that a new product, produced by Frozen Pepper (www.frozenpepper.it) is gonna be avaible on the apple store, very soon!
It's a turn based strategy game, inspired by Risiko, playable by up to 4 mates. Everything mixed up with some 3d graphics and music. Yeah, the music! That's why i'm publishing this on Newgrounds, because i've written the musics of the game.
At the moment all you can see is a video from the software house itself. The game is finished and we're waiting for Apple to put it in the stores.
Hope you'll like it!

Cheers :)

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Urban Color on Itunes!

2010-02-02 10:30:34 by No1r

Hello there!
I've been receiving a lot of mails, in these years, asking for a way to buy my music. Well, now it's possible since i've published a couple of tracks on some major online stores, like Itunes and Amazon.
The ep. is called "Urban Color" and contains that song, plus "Crying".
If you like my works, please consider spending 2$, buying the digital ep.

Some direct links:




Some classical for guitar and violin!

2009-08-02 11:35:25 by No1r

Hi there!
Just wanted to post a video of a concert i had in May with a violinist, in the "S.Girolamo" theater, in Lucca, Italy.
The one i'm gonna post is just one of the many pieces we played and comes from the "Sonata Concertata" for violin and guitar, by Niccolò Paganini.
Well you'll have to turn up the volume a lot, 'cause the camera didn't take so much of the audio!

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