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Some classical for guitar and violin!

2009-08-02 11:35:25 by No1r

Hi there!
Just wanted to post a video of a concert i had in May with a violinist, in the "S.Girolamo" theater, in Lucca, Italy.
The one i'm gonna post is just one of the many pieces we played and comes from the "Sonata Concertata" for violin and guitar, by Niccolò Paganini.
Well you'll have to turn up the volume a lot, 'cause the camera didn't take so much of the audio!

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2009-08-11 14:27:39

This is a very beautiful piece! Even though the violin was the main attention, it was well played on both sides.

I can't wait to hear more of your work ;)

No1r responds:

Hey :) Thank you!
You are right, the main attention was the violin, naturally, as the composed was a violinist himself (the best, in that period of time).
I was so .. un-relaxed and tired (we had another concert the previous day) that morning .. my performance was not that good but acceptable, at least.
There was a group of people from U.s.a. that day, listening to us, too ;) They were enjoying their vacancies in the city of Lucca and joined the concert in the teather. It was beautiful and i spoke with 'em after the concert.

I can't wait to see more of your art :)


2009-10-11 06:16:39

Great vid man, glad to see you live...
Congratz !


2009-11-27 08:50:02

You play instruments huh?