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Left 4 Dead inspiring uh? ;)

What to say..i'm really happy to be (a little part) of this amazing work!
It was fun to see and relly well done!
Keep up the good stuff ;)

knobbywood responds:

I'm glad you could be a part of it too! Thanx for the the awesome music!

I bought this game

And played it a lot, so i really can appreciate this flash! :D
Great style (using real sounds mixed with your actors was incredible)!
Love it!
10, of course.

not bad!

i think this is something we see everyday but i liked a lot the backround idea and the 3d movement of the camera, wich is something you can not find in others "stick battle" movies!
Good work!

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I'll think i'll play this game forever! I don't live in California but believe me, it will have a lot traffic from Europe as well .. :D
Too bad the prop. didn't pass. :(
(Offtopic end)
By the way, great job. I'm sorry i didn't notice this game earlier.
interesting music game that won't disfigure on steam budget price indie game section, with maybe just little adds (backgrounds, more musics just to say some), or even on Apple store. This would really ROCK on a I-Pad.
Oh, and, thanks for choosing one my tracks for it!

Keep up the good work!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

HELL YEAH. On an IPad it would be so much fun lol. Thanks for the review, and for your music!

Really not bad!

One of the best games i've seen in the last days!
Really well done and wow, multiplayer! :)


Great! Enjoyed it for one hour straight!
Too bad there's no way to save..:/
I really wanna be featured in a product like this!

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It sucks.

You can't take a fucking sample and loop it?! It's completely out of beat.
And you didn't never mention it's a remix of one MY songs.


Loved the grooves, contrasting the high pitched melody and the bunch of good effects coming and going on drums and lead instrument.
Well done, i think this piece is underrated, voted five and download!
Keep up the good work!

This would really be great!

But the recording quality makes it unlistenable..
Please upload it again!
What about the other instruments? Did you play 'em too, or your did your band mates help you?
Gave 9, just 'cause of the quality..
It should be a 11!

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