WwTouch, The new second world war simulator for Ipad

2010-08-14 19:02:25 by No1r

Hello everyone!
I'm proud to announce that a new product, produced by Frozen Pepper (www.frozenpepper.it) is gonna be avaible on the apple store, very soon!
It's a turn based strategy game, inspired by Risiko, playable by up to 4 mates. Everything mixed up with some 3d graphics and music. Yeah, the music! That's why i'm publishing this on Newgrounds, because i've written the musics of the game.
At the moment all you can see is a video from the software house itself. The game is finished and we're waiting for Apple to put it in the stores.
Hope you'll like it!

Cheers :)

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2010-08-22 19:02:01

sounds good bro

No1r responds:

yo, thanks!


2010-08-26 03:50:39

Hey man, i'm proud of you

No1r responds:

hey nightvision!! great to see you came back to NG! :) Thanks for checking me from time to time!
i do the same :)


2010-10-03 11:36:15

ormai avevo perso la speranza nel cercare qualche italiano su newgrounds,è bello vedere che non sono solo qua :D

bella la tua musica,soprattutto "le colline della toscania"

No1r responds:

grazie :)) no di italiani ce n'è..pochi ma ci sono!


2011-04-30 19:35:59

Congrats man.( better later than never :D)

No1r responds:

ahah thanks my friend :)